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Unveiling the GrooveUni Experience:

1. Comprehensive Step-by-Step Training:

Our core training modules offer in-depth, structured guidance on each of the Groove applications. From understanding Groove's system to crafting websites with GroovePages, we take you through every aspect of the software, breaking down complexities into manageable steps.

2. Resources, Checklists, and PDFs:

We believe that clarity is key to your success. Alongside our training modules, you'll find a treasure trove of downloadable resources—checklists, PDF guides, and templates that streamline your learning journey. These resources are designed to save you time, enhance your understanding, and amplify your progress.

3. LIVE Coaching Sessions:

The Crown Jewel of GrooveUni!

But here's where GrooveUni truly stands out—our exclusive LIVE coaching sessions. These sessions are not just a feature; they're your bridge to personalized, real-time support that directly addresses your questions, concerns, and obstacles.

Your journey from frustration to online business hero begins now.

Testimonials Speak Volumes:

Our members rave about these sessions for a reason. The value they derive from direct interactions with coaches who care about their progress is immeasurable. It's not just about finding solutions; it's about igniting inspiration, overcoming challenges, and celebrating victories together.

LIVE Coaching Sessions:

Imagine having direct access to experienced coaches who understand the ins and outs of Groove and online business. Our LIVE coaching sessions are your opportunity to:

Ask Anything:

Got a burning question about Groove's features, online marketing, or business strategies? Our coaches are here to provide clear, concise answers that propel you forward. Problem Solving: Stuck on a specific issue? Whether it's a technical glitch or a strategic roadblock, our coaches help troubleshoot and guide you toward a solution. Business Coaching: GrooveUni isn't just about the software; it's about leveraging it to build a thriving online business. Our coaches offer insights, tips, and strategies that take your business to the next level. Please note active participation in LIVE sessions is for Elite Members only.

The Value of LIVE Coaching Sessions:

These LIVE coaching sessions are worth their weight in gold. Imagine having access to business coaching that others pay thousands for, right at your fingertips. You're not just learning how to use Groove; you're receiving personalised guidance that can transform your online business journey.

GrooveUni: Your Support System for Success

At GrooveUni, our focus isn't just on selling a training program; it's on fostering a community of empowered online entrepreneurs. We've created a platform where the complexities of Groove become manageable, the path to online business success becomes clear, and your aspirations transform into reality.

Join GrooveUni today and experience the power of step-by-step training, valuable resources, and—most importantly—the transformational impact of LIVE coaching sessions. Your journey from frustration to online business hero begins now

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LIVE session details will be emailed to Elite Members with dates, times and log in details LIVE sessions are usually 1st Monday and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7pm UK Time (we will tell you if that changes)

Depending on GrooveUni Elite members and where they live/time zones, etc we may add additional LIVE sessions

All GrooveUni members will be asked to submit questions, issues, solutions, etc so even if you can’t attend or you are PRO level we can answer you (and you can watch the recording!)

A LIVE session will be for at least an hour (we nearly always go way over) Each LIVE session we will endeavour (tech limitations sometimes thwart us) to actively help at least 2 Elite members with any tech or business issues

If you want to be one of those then ask us before the session starts and tell us what help you need

The LIVE recordings will be added to the site as soon as we can but please allow a few days!

All subscriptions are easy in easy out! You can leave at any time.

Let us know if you wish to stop and we can do that but there are no refunds if you have gone in to a new month cycle I.e. tell us in good time before your subscription renews!

If you do stop membership (or you do not pay the required subscription) then you will no longer have access to the GrooveUni membership or the contents, you will no longer be invited to or be able to view LIVE sessions. If you feel this has happened in error, then let us know so we can sort it out

You can rejoin at any time but please be aware that you may be charged more

If you remain a member then your subscription will remain what it is when you started i.e. it won't increase so long as you remain a member and pay the required subscription on time

Please let us know if you change your email, don’t get our emails or have any problems logging in because if you don’t tell us we assume everything is good

Finally - we can’t guarantee success, we can’t guarantee you become millionaires, but we can guarantee that if you use our content, follow our guidance and have a ‘can do, will do’ attitude then you will be amazed at how far you can go! And you may just have your MOJO back! 

Love you all

Nigel T

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